Human Resources

HR Overview

The Human Resources Department provides a wide range of human resource management functions for all city departments and administers a comprehensive personnel management system. Activities can be classified into six functional areas.

General Administration

General Administration maintains the personnel management system, manages the operations of the department, and oversees compliance with legislated requirements including Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). This function administers a variety of employee benefits, including employee medical and prescription plans as well as all fringe benefits and Cafeteria 125 plan.

Employment & Compensation

Employment and Compensation increases public awareness and participation in Athens City employment through advertising, targeted recruitment programs, and employment services. This function helps to administer the classification and compensation plan. The Human Resources director administers employee benefit programs, conducts new employee orientations, and assists in benefit awareness.

Organizational Development & Training

Organizational Development and Training provides programs to engage employees in all aspects of organizational effectiveness, update educational and proficiency levels, improve productivity, strengthen internal communications, and build a new generation of leadership.

Labor Relations

Labor Relations is responsible for collective bargaining and compliance with agreements, investigations, negotiations, administration of employee benefits, reasonable accommodation, advising departments in disciplinary matters, and interpreting and applying labor laws.

Civil Service Division

The Civil Service Division is responsible for administration of personnel policies and practices in areas of open, competitive, and promotional testing; hearings for complaints and disciplinary actions; position classification and qualifications; and any other matters of general personnel administration for all classified employees.

Risk Management & Insurance Program

The Risk Management and Insurance Program provides risk management and employee safety services. The Human Resource director assists to administer the self-insurance benefits, and is responsible for the investigation and settlement or denial of claims for City of Athens employees. The Risk Management aspect provides employee safety and workers' compensation administration services for Athens City employees.