Recyclable Items

Materials Accepted

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The following materials are accepted by Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers. The Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers reserve the right to refuse any materials that cannot be recycled or which are improperly prepared for processing. Do not bag recycling, place it loose in the recycling container.


– No other paper included.

Mixed Paper

– Letterhead, copy paper and most other non-glossy colored paper. 

Magazines & Catalogs



– Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pop & beer cartons, etc. Remove plastic inserts. Flatten please.

Corrugated Cardboard

– Brown corrugated and paper grocery sacks . Must be flattened.

Beverage Cans

– Aluminum beverage cans. Please rinse.

Aluminum cat food cans

Please rinse.

Scrap Aluminum

– Aluminum foil, pie pans and other scrap. Material must be free of food.

Tin/Steel Food Cans

Please rinse. Labels need not be removed.


– Rinse, remove caps.  Labels need not be removed.


– #1-#7 plastics. Plastic bottles such as milk jugs, pop bottles, shampoo & detergent bottles. Clamshells & containers such as those used for salad, cottage cheese, yogurt & berries. NO Styrofoam accepted.

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