Neighborhood Meetings

Neighborhood Meetings

There are three primary purposes for the neighborhood level meetings. The first is to allow people a space to express their concerns about their neighborhood—doing so will allow us to identify areas of mutual concern both within a neighborhood and across the city. The second is to allow people a space to suggest changes for their neighborhood—these many be direct answers to issues that residents have, or a constructive suggestion about possible change. The third is to ask people how they can apply the guiding principles to their own neighborhood—people are experts within their own neighborhood and should guide the way on how to enact our vision statement and guiding principles within their own neighborhood.

The first round of public meetings is over.

Online input is still being received, and you can participate in that by clicking HERE.

Next Steps

We’re still taking input from residents online. You can click HERE if you want to take our online survey about your neighborhood.

After the online input closes (DATE), Neighborhood Findings Meetings will begin. These meetings will summarize the input we received and draft language for the plan will be presented to the public.

The dates for the next wave of neighborhood meetings are as follows:

West Side Neighborhood:

Near East Side Neighborhood:

Far East Side Neighborhood:

North Side Neighborhood:

South Side Neighborhood:

Again, these meetings will primarily be the presentations of findings and presentation of draft language. If you wish to give your input, please fill out our Neighborhood Level survey form available HERE.