Athens Community Center Art Gallery

This gallery show has been extended through September 30th.

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Portraits On Porches: Athens, shot in April and May of 2020, began with a desire to

document the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community. The global outbreak

brought with it feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, and anxiety. The quarantines,

mandates, and disruptions to our everyday routines left each of us with a sense of

isolation and fragmented community.

Every home was subject to the same dangers and fears, and as the national discourse

became more polarized and distressed, our sense of desertion and disconnection grew.

As the unending weeks of separation continued, I became inspired by similar projects

worldwide and felt compelled to offer a positive distraction to Athens residents (myself


Photography can be a celebration of life and its many achievements. The year 2020

gave families and businesses little to celebrate and even more to worry about. Now that

the worst is behind us, I hope this project will provide opportunities to contemplate and

celebrate our individual and communal strength.

The complete gallery of images represents our community. Although captured within

social distancing guidelines, together in one space, the images tell a different story.

Portraits On Porches: Athens is a visual archive of families and businesses amid an

uncertain and suddenly altered existence. I hope these images inspire you to reflect on

this time we all shared. And I hope you are inspired and proud of the strength and

consideration we showed as individuals and as a community. No one is alone.