Youth Classes

To register for any of the following classes, stop by the Athens Community Center, call 740-592-3325 or register online:

Open Play

Come take a break from the cold weather and enjoy some indoor play time at the Community Center. Games and activities will be set up for kids in multipurpose room A. There will be a sensory station, blocks, board games, and gross motor play gym equipment! Parents are responsible for monitoring their children during this time. 

This is a drop-in style program, no pre-registration required.

When: Will Start up Saturday Jan. 7th 

Saturdays 10:00a-12:00p

Recommended Ages: 2-7 years

Cost: $5 drop-in fee per child

2023 Open Play Promo

Creative Movement

A hybrid class combining elements of Hippo Hoppo and Little Royals Ballet. 

Dates: Session 1: January 9—February 6; Session 2:February 13— March 13

Times: Mondays 5:30p-6:00p 

Ages: 2-4 years old 

Cost: $30 per child, per session 

Hippo Hoppo

This class will have your preschooler moving to the music! Using games, songs, and imaginative play alongside short choreography blasts, dancers learn the fundamentals of dance and the basics of hip hop, including rhythm, musicality, and footwork. You'll enjoy watching your little one develop a love of dance while moving to age appropriate music in this high energy environment. We ask that parents stay in the building and are encouraged to stay in the room or even join in! Dancers should wear comfortable clothes, sneakers and long hair should be pulled back from the face.

Dates: Session 1: January 11– February 8; 

Session 2: February 15—March 15

Times: Wednesdays 5:30p-6:00p

Ages: 3-5 years old

Cost: $30 per child, per session

Hip Pop Rock

Learn the fundamentals of hip hop, breaking,      popping, locking, and funk mixed with your favorite moves from mainstream pop! We use an age-appropriate mix of music to teach basic steps, which dancers will combine in short choreographed     combos and improvised cyphers. Students will     develop body control and awareness, expand their fitness levels, create avenues to direct their own energy, and build self-confidence in a safe, fun     environment. Dancers should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in but that is not too baggy (no jeans) and sneakers that tie.

Registration begins Monday, November 28th

Dates: January 11— March 15

Times: Wednesdays 6:00p-6:45p

Ages: 5-10 years old

Fee: $45 per child

Ballet 101

Everything you need to know for a solid foundation in this classical dance. This class will cover fundamentals of ballet vocabulary and technique while introducing dancers to a more structured class. Students will learn the importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm and musicality through exercises and choreography. No dance experience necessary. While we don't have a color-specific dress code for this class, female dancers should wear a leotard, tights, and a ballet skirt or shorts and long hair should be pulled back. Male dancers should wear dance pants or leggings (not sweats) and a fitted t-shirt. Fitted clothes allow for ease of movement and for alignment correction by the teacher. Soft ballet slippers are required (please do not wear these outside; bring street shoes). If you need help finding attire or shoes, please email

Dates: January 11 to March 13

Times: Wednesdays 6:45p-7:30p

Ages: 6-10 years old

Fee: $45 per child

Little Royals Ballet

Princesses and Princes will cover fundamentals of ballet vocabulary and technique in this fun, informal setting. Students will learn the importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm and musicality through games, songs, and choreography. No dance experience necessary. There is no dress code for this class; dancers should wear comfortable clothes and long hair should be pulled back. Soft ballet slippers are recommended but not required.

Dates: Session 1: January 9 to February 6, 

Session 2: February 13—March 13

Times: Mondays 6:00pm-6:30pm

Ages: 4-7 years old

Fee: $30, per child, per session

Cadet Strings

A Beginning Strings Class brought to you by the Athens Community Music School for kids in 4th-6th grade. 

Where: Athens Community Center Room B

When: January 23—March 23 

Every Monday/Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm

Ages: 9-11 years

Cost: $35 per child

Winter 2023 Cadet Strings