Rental Policies

The Athens Community Center Rental Policies listed below outline the scope and breadth of the rental agreement between customers and the ACC. These policies ensure that our facilities can be maintained and scheduling regulated in a manner that provides access to the all members of the community. 

A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation in advance. Full payment is required the day of rental BEFORE access is granted to the space(s). If a same day reservation is requested and available, full payment is required BEFORE access is granted to the space(s).

Reservations can be altered free of charge with reasonable time given to ACC staff to process a change of reservation request.

Your rental is for the specific time and location stated on your permit. Groups will not be permitted to enter the facility until the scheduled start time and must vacate the facility by the time the permit expires. If you need additional time for decorating, set up, or deliveries, you must schedule and pay for this time prior to your rental.

In regard to decorations: no confetti, piñatas, glitter, or similar materials may be used for decorations or thrown in or around the facility. No staples, nails, or other damaging materials can be used in the facility. No tape can be used on the floor or walls. Please, no wax candles.

If there is damage to the furniture, room, or equipment included in the rental, you may be held liable for additional fees as assessed by  by the administrative staff of APRD.

No fireworks, sparklers, Japanese lanterns, or similar items are not permitted to be used inside OR outside of rental facilities. 

The rental permit is granted on condition that if the facility is needed for Recreation and Parks Department emergency use such as a community shelter, grantee agrees to forego use of facility with a full refund.

The Permit Holder agrees that they will not discriminate against any participants because of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, handicap, or veteran status. 

Permit Holder must be 21 years or older and will be held responsible for the groups' conduct and usage of the facility. It is the permit holder's responsibility to supervise all guests, including children and minors. Permit holder cannot sublet the facility/rental under any circumstances. Any groups who abuse the facility or violate rules and regulations will be asked to leave and charges for damages will be assessed. Any abuse of APRD staff is grounds for permit/rental forfeiture. 

If any group or individual is asked to leave the premises, they must do so promptly and forgo any refund.

Permit holder will be charged for the next hour at 15 minutes over scheduled rental end time.             

Cleaning fee (outside of usual cleaning)                 $50 minimum

Damage of furniture, equipment, facilities                 $50 minimum

Cancellation policy: To receive a full refund, reservations must be cancelled no later than 1 week prior to reserved date. If a reservation is cancelled less than 1 week prior to the reserved date, the deposit will be not be refunded but permit holder will receive a refund of any additional fees paid. If reservation is cancelled due to inclement weather, permit holder may receive a full refund or reschedule.