City Drinking Water and Wellhead Protection

Wellhead Protection & Drinking Water

Engineering and Public Works holds the special duty of oversight and enforcement of the city’s Wellhead Protection Ordinance, Athens City Code Title 39. The source water for the City of Athens comes from 15 groundwater wells situated on the west side of the city. In order to protect the drinking water, the activities in the area surrounding the wells is governed by special regulations. The city enforces these regulations through an active Wellhead Protection Team. The team meets monthly to review development plans, conducts regular patrols, and maintains records of regulated substances stored at facilities in the area. The goal is to prevent any spills or other contamination that may pollute the city’s aquifer, or respond rapidly and properly if a spill occurs.

The link to the City's Code section on well head protection can be found here 

The City is also required to produce an annual Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report. The most recent report can be found here